Mobile Strike – The Real-Time Military Base Building For The World Conquest


The modern version of the War Games last updated on May 24th, 2016 is one of the finest that the gaming world has come across in the genre. While it is built on it’s predecessor the War Game that involved the traditional warfare modes, ammunitions, and armory, this swanky new game is replete with all the modern technology, devices, and armor. The game is available for both Android and the iOS and is an MMO that is available for free download. It is the most hardcore in the genre, and the content is original to the popular warfare movie when it comes to the Commander character.

The pros and the cons

A couple of download glitches and also the loss of data when switching devices has given this otherwise intelligent warfare game a 4.0 rating. The game does have the provision of the multiple device playing option where the players have to create the EW account that can be done by entering the email id and the password. It was very hard for me to fix it unless i asked mobile strike hack for help. The game is based on the proper research and building of the base with the best possible building resources. The game gives the opportunity to the players to open the supply crates that are at the bottom-left of the screen that can be opened when they move.

The seamless building assistance


Unlike the other games, the resources are available in plenty and using them prudently allows the generation of more resources. This is what makes the game base building easier and also the connections seamless. There is the possibility of customizing the base building that can have multiple similar buildings. Filling up every inch of available space with the right buildings is one of the main features of that the game emphasizes on. A good feature that the game incorporates is that of the base upgrade from time to time so that like all real-time military bases it is never left vulnerable.

The reinforcing features

What I found particularly useful is the Research facility that gives access to the latest improvements concerning the Commander, the economics of the base and also the traps for the enemies. The traps are particularly interesting as beneath them I could unlock the newer traps that can be built on the spot. This will help in strengthening the defense wall of the base. Another important part of the game is the Commander that has to be leveled up from time to time. The Commander gets the skill points with which she or he can boost the resources, the troop speed, attacks and the also speed up the constructions.

Earning resources for the game

There is the help in the form of the mission rewards that come each time you log onto your gaming account. A good way of spending them is on those construction missions that take more time like an hour. There is the possibility of adding more and more training ground to the base camp other than the other utilities like hospitals and banks. These are extremely useful when it comes to healing the troops and getting the economic support to further the attack. What makes the hardcore gameplay interesting is the lifelike building that stimulates the strategy formation of the players.…

Play Pixel Gun 3D- One Of The Top Rated Games In Google Play Store

Minecraft is known for creating exciting yet inspiring and challenging game for the players. Most of the games developed by it are available on PCs, consoles and most importantly in smartphone gaming world. One such game from their creation is Pixel Gun 3D. It is bringing a new experience of both massive multiplayer first person shooting and survival experience on both Android and iOS mobile phones. This game is found in two major modes. One is single player survival campaign, and other one is multiplayer mode that is on global platform. Some features are similar in both of the modes like typical first person shooter- shooting, reloading and jumping.

In addition to this, players playing both of these modes will also enjoy block graphics that is typical of Minecraft artwork. Trying the single player mode is alright for the beginners, but the game actually shines to the fullest in multiplayer mode where unfold challenges and excitement all at same time. This is one of the major factors why this game is getting a widespread popularity in App store and Google play Store. Multiplayer mode is exactly the type of thing that I would expect from a first person shooter.  Being a player, I ran around the map a lot shooting others that are my opponents and trying to hunt me down.

Getting a set of kills remains my main motto in the game as this is how I get stars and collect coins. I have made use of game to the most by playing it both on local as well as global platform using internet connection. Surprisingly I have got chance to play with different kinds of player where I made my own team and played to fullest. I have found a lot of exciting features in the game like that I would like to share. One of the things is collection of weapons that are wide which I had a chance to play with in different occasions.

Another thing that I noticed here is the user created content that I found within the game like player maps or sprites. Now let’s talk about the single player mode that is not as exciting as its advanced mode. Here I found myself amidst large group of zombies, spiders, ghouls and other creatures that are of night. Pixel Gun also has an introductory mode, and when I wanted to come back to the survival mode, I had to replay it. The baddies here also move quite fast, i think they are using pixel gun hack coz i heard it before., and you had also moved in pace with them and kill them before they did it to you.

One thing I found in the game is that ammo is found in limited amount in this game, and that is why I had to use it wisely and to kill large swarm of enemies. However, I have option to collect more ammo by making some in-app purchases with real money. The control works really great, unlike other games that have issues with controls. I like to play the game in multiplayer platform only with customization options for my characters that I think add an extra edge to the game.…

Convenient Ways To Play The Hungry Shark World

For the game of Hungry Shark World to commence, you should be prepared of what is to come. The appealing game of Hungry Shark World will not only mesmerize you with the amazing features of the game but it is bound to transport you into a whole new level of playing games with. The conception of the plot will stun you to such an extent that you will want to engulf yourself in the kingdom of sharks. The concept is basically about the wild sharks return to the world and in order to play against them, it is only obvious that you will yourself have to take the position of a shark.

Hungry Shark World Guide

As sharks are considered to be among the deadliest of the sea creatures, you will have to train yourself to be a brave and courageous player. These qualities are in reality required for you as a shark to accomplish your missions in the game thus, declaring yourself to be a champion. Hence, in order to move ahead in the various levels, you are supposed to exhaust each and every single thing that comes in your way and it is only in this way, that you will be able to survive through all the levels, until the very end.

The game of Hungry Shark World actually consists of a pack of a distinct number of sharks that you will be lucky enough to play in the different levels of the game. You will be liable for having enormous powers and skills as you take up the forms of different kinds of sharks. While in the game, you should watch out for some nasty creatures and bigger sharks that would definitely try and cause you harm in some ways or the other. On saying that, safety measures are asked to be taken by the player. For instance, you could equip your shark with different kinds of safety materials that will boost up your sharks system. It will also help your shark to power up enormously in some secret ways. In case you have no resources to bought them, then you can also search for hungry shark world hack apk which can generate free resources. You can search it for online and get one which is working good.

With excellent graphics and console, the game will surely help you to pump up your spirit in general as well. The common goal for the players would be to devour as many as different types of creatures while also completing the missions as well. Completing the missions and generating resources will only help you to derive as much gold and currencies as you want. With three varied locations to explore, you should spend your time in opening the mysterious chests and other mysteries of the game. There will also be all sorts of pets to assist you in this game of war.

In the game of Hungry Shark World, you have to play very smartly and also ensure that you make some smart and appropriate moves that will help you in generating premium currencies as well as boosting up your system. It is these factors which will ultimately help you to play effectively in all the varied stages of the game in a consistent manner. Apart from these factors, you should also be able to have some fun in the game, thus opening up your world to new horizons.…

Create A Highly Desirable City With Simcity Buildit Guide Devices

SimCity-BuildIt Guide

You are a beginner and are planning to build your new city. Before you start building, take a look at the resources available. If you find that resources are scarce, The simcity buildit tricks will come to your rescue.

The simcity game provides various natural resources that you can use to build the town. You need simoleons to buy natural resources. Your goal should be to optimize the layout from the first day of the game. Roads are an essential part of the plan. You can build only two-lane roads to begin with. To upgrade the roads as you proceed in the game, use the simcash available at the simcity buildit tips.

The goal of building the city is to have more and more people live there. Build roads that connect to the highways. Highways are the thoroughfares from where the people enter their new location.

Building roads is an expensive affair. So start off with building a road at a central location. Keep adding the arterial lanes gradually. If you are in a hurry to upgrade your main avenue, use Simcity Buildit hack apk  to add the lanes. Use minimum space to build the roads, leaving the rest for creating your dream town. Building side streets leaves you with a large area of the city. Making long straight roads is the best way to create connectivity in your town. Creating a lot of twists and turns in the roads eats up the space that is usable in a more efficient way.

For the population to move in, you need to build more and more residential zones. Upgrading the residences with facilities will attract quality people to your town. There are other services that the population requires.

Use the city services offered to you at the beginning of the game, to run your residential areas properly. Services like fire stations, police stations are necessary to make your residential zones more useful to your citizens. Building these facilities close to the residences creates a positive impact on the residents and earns higher taxes. Follow the simcity buildit guide to understand where you should build the pollution making industrial zone.

Although industries are critical to building your town, as theses produce goods that earn you cash. But the wrong placement of the industries can take away the happiness of your residential population. Place pollution creating industries at the far end of the town. This keeps the polluting agents away from the city, and the citizens remain happy. To understand how to tricks simcity buildit, you must know how building polluting industries in the upwind areas adversely affect the people. Always place residential areas upwind of pollution making areas. This protects the citizens from the infection that can make them sick and reduce the happiness quotient.

When you are a beginner in the game, you often make mistake in the placement of roads, residences, and industries. Change and reorganize the layout as many times as you require. Although this requires you to pay, this would ultimately pay if it makes your Sims happy. Moreover, you have the simcity guide devices to get current to pay for any changes necessary.


Strong internet connection for your madden mobile guides

Madden Mobile

Summary: you need proper internet connection for running madden mobile trick. The time will vary, depending on the internet speed.

Playing football is always possible if you are knocked out with job and work. You cannot afford to roam around the park and play with your playmates, as you used to do during school life. Therefore, you can understand the rising importance of madden mobile games. Well, while playing the game, you need cash, stamina, x2 power and coins. Get all of these now with the help of madden mobile hack apk, the ultimate option for you. Without rooting and jail breaking and following any illegal norms, now you can make coins and cash.

Well yes, you have to connect your mobile phone with internet connection; otherwise, the tool will not work. Now, the time of madden mobile tricks working will differ from one internet connectivity to another. There are some web based solutions available, procured from secured links.

  • Just with help of internet connection, mobile tricks are available without fail. You need proper web browser with good internet connection for completing the task.
  • Avoid working with any of the links, which are not trusted by the users. It will get your account banned for sure.
  • To avoid any illegal choices, research is on the move. The more you research, the better response is there for your help.

When you are using tools for generating madden mobile coins, sometimes, you might fall in front of some risk factors. These are associated with the illegal and banned links.

  • Just research more about the links, and go for the ones with experienced sources. You can ask others for help.
  • If your friends have been using tools, taking their help seems to be a great choice. They can help you to make the right choice.
  • Some links are now currently available with additional features. Avoid too much of problem and jot down these sections now, before you handle any of these accounts.

The truth is if you can choose the best link, you can keep the other guiders at bay. The main aim of these are to enter your account and work against you and your team. Kick the away with reliable links.

  • Have any question popping up in your mind regarding how to play madden mobile? Get the best tips now through these reliable links.
  • Security can be really tough with ea server. So, to avoid any kind of negative results, be first and choose ea service for help. You will never feel dissatisfied.
  • Use some of the experienced tools, and avoid the newbies in this game. They might not know all the scenarios to take help of.

If you have reliable links in front of you, it will be easier for you to solve the mysteries of  tools. Judge the links first and compare them too, before you join hands with the rest. For vital queries and questions on madden mobile tips, online sources will be there as a needful friend of yours.…

Play Safe With Clash Royale Hack And Enjoy The Game

Clash Royale hack too;

Clash Royale Hack Give you unlimited gems and cards

The clash royale is an enjoyable game if the cash payment part is avoided. The clash royale hack eliminates the cash payment hazard and made the game fun.

The clash royale hack makes playing the Clash Royale game highly entertaining. It will give you all the excitement and fun of the game. It will give you ample time to formulate right strategy to fight out the games. There will be no more time locks and no more arm twisting for payment. The hack will flood you with the games currency that is the gems. In this game, you are supposed to win over your opponent by entering their base and destroying their towers. The enemies will similarly target you.

How Clash Royale cheats will help?

The game is not about the blind offense you have to guard your citadel also from the enemy attack. It means you need a balancing between your attack and defense

  • The clash royale cheats will give you access to unlimited gemme gratis clash royale and cards
  • You can use the gems to pay for unlocking the chests where your cards are
  • The gems will expedite opening of the chests bypassing the time locks
  • The cheats will give you access to exceptionally powerful cards that will help to defend and also to attack the opponents
  • You will enjoy the game as there will be no more long waiting

Does it mean it is a fake site?

Not necessarily, a failure does not mean or indicate that the website fakes

  • If the clash royale gems hack fails to generate the gems and cards, it can be due to server failure
  • The loophole is patched by the gaming site
  • Your network failed the link or for any technical reason
  • But if you want to report don’t ho it from your registered email or through social media sites
  • If the hacker site starts asking for more details like your password for the game or for that matter your ID detail, then stop communicating
  • The site may not be appropriate and out to dupe you
  • Stop connecting and try any other website
How to protect identity?

Protecting your identity is equally important when you want to know how to hack clash royale. To protect your identity the hack site uses anti-ban software to mask your identity. It is because an appropriate hack site needs your username for the game site only. Invite your friends over for an exciting session with the game.…